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torimus 07-10-2013 04:34 PM

Kernel 3.9.9 woes

after an update of Slackware64-current previously working kernel 3.9.7 was replaced with 3.9.9 and issues with improper resuming after a hibernation start to appear again (like in 3.7 branch).
Hibernation does not work reliably, about every 3rd attempt reboots system instead and if resumed after a successful hibernation, sometimes the power consumption gets doubled or even tripled (some devices probably not properly restored from Acpi suspend state - not know for sure which one). Running on Samsung laptop.

As the previous 3.9.7 kernel is no more available in the repository, tried to compile vanilla 3.10.0 with Pat's config file from testing (thanks Pat !) and looks like all the power/ACPI quirks are gone again.

Just written as a reference for anybody else experiencing similar problems.

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