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fibster 03-18-2006 01:41 PM

Keepass for Linux
Hello All,

Don't know how much this will help, but thought I'd share it anyway. First you need to download and install checkinstall. After that get the Keepass for linux. tar xvzf keepass .tar.gz, then cd keepass, once there do a "qmake" then run "make" after that is done run checkinstall and follow the checkinstall prompts, when checkinstall is done from the same directory your still in installpkg keepass.tgz and you have a working keepass. Only problem I have is there is no desktop launcher that I can figure out, but I can run it from the run command on kde.



Alien Bob 03-18-2006 05:29 PM


Yes, KeePass is a nice cross-platform tool for storing your sensitive passwords and locking them away with a single master password (only one to remember from now on).

If you want to share your experience in building a piece of software, here's a tip on how to do that:
- Tell people what the program is good for
- Add a link to homepage/download

By the way, a checkinstall Slackware package is already available on every Slackware mirror, like here, so building it yourself is not strictly necessary.

I have built a KeePass package which includes a nice menu entry for your Window Manager. If you look at the keepass.SlackBuild script that I used to create the package, you can find out how you add a menu entry (hint: look inside the _keepass.tar.gz file).

Good luck and have fun building your software.

Cheers, Eric

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