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web_spy_der 09-09-2006 01:38 AM

I install freerock Gnome 2.14.3 for Slackware 10.2.When I rebooted My System at runlevel 4: in X manage I don't have the option of picking Gnome.this is how i installed it.lynx --source | sh.did i do something wrong or have i missed something?i like kde better but in need some of option of gdm's libraries.thanks in advance

XavierP 09-09-2006 04:12 PM

In the console, as the user type

and select Gnome from the list. Then do startx.

web_spy_der 09-09-2006 05:34 PM

XavierP thanks for replying to my post.i did as you said.and ran xwmconfig.from the console.these are the options than came up.

xinitrc.kde KDE: K Desktop Environment
xinitrc.xfce The Cholesterol Free Desktop Environment
xinitrc.blackbox The blackbox window manager
xinitrc.fluxbox The fluxbox window manager
xinitrc.wmaker WindowMaker
xinitrc.fvwm2 F(?) Virtual Window Manager (version 2.xx)
xinitrc.twm Tab Window Manager (very basic)

i do not see the option of picking GDM.
this is how i installed the package.i ran the console from my user login.then
i tpyed su: password:******** cd / then i ran lynx --source | sh
it ran for about 30-40 min adding,updating, and removing packages then when it stopped i rebooted my run level4:GDM was not in the Xmanager so i edited the /ect/inittab back to run level3: i rebooted again to see if it would rewrite the startup script.but to no i went back and reedited the /ect/inittab again back to run level4:What are my options at this time.i'm thinking about just reinstalling slackware and starting all over again.should i just uninstall freerock and install so lost and don't know way todo at this's hard being a newbie.and it's to late to turn back hooked on slackware now sorry windows.maybe there's hope for me yet

tuubaaku 09-09-2006 09:33 PM

Why don't you try a slackware package from Or, you could just use KDE until you're more familiar with linux.

web_spy_der 09-10-2006 02:19 PM

I got it working.i uninstalled freerock.then rebooted to root and installed took about 3hrs with this slow p3 800mhz.then i had to edit /etc/rc.d rc4 shell script so that i could use kde Xmanager instead of gnome Xmanager.heres how i did it.i when to
then i downloaded the installer
This is the preferred method of getting packages and updates in dropline GNOME. After downloading the installer, execute the following commands as root:

# installpkg dropline-installer-2.14.3-i686-1dl.tgz

then after it downloads run the next command

# dropline-installer

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