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Woodsman 03-08-2013 05:14 PM

KDE Dolphin and Places Panel
I'm using KDE 4.10.1.

I'm having problems wrapping my head around Dolphin and Places. :scratch:

From what I see, Dolphin reads any existing ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel file and then massages that information into a KDE-specific ~/.kde/share/apps/kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml file. The kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml file then is used throughout KDE whenever a Places panel is used.

Dolphin parses the local fstab file and populates the kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml file with unfriendly generic labels such as 20.0 GiB Hard Drive.

The generic labels can be hidden but are not editable.

In Dolphin, when the Places panel is not in view and the editable location bar is used, a Places button appears next to the location bar but that instance of Places shows the generic labels of all fstab mount points despite being hidden.

I cannot find a way to add true separators. If my user-places.xbel file has separators then the kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml file transforms those separators to an "edit-clear" icon and the phrase "<title>--- separator ---</title>" rather than a true separator.

I have no problems with the bookmarks.xml files for konsole, kfile, or Konqueror. All seem independent of the kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml file and user-places.xbel file. All of those bookmarks.xml files show real separators.

I would like to dispense altogether with the Places Panel, but Dolphin has no support that I can find for a separate bookmarks.xml file. Seems Places is the only choice.

I can exit KDE, manually edit the kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml file, but Dolphin seems hard-coded to present all fstab mount points generically and the manual editing is for naught.

Bookmarks are saner and better behaved with Konqueror. I could replace Dolphin and use Konqueror with the file management profile, but the painful caveat is Konqueror has not been updated with the same file browsing improvements as Dolphin. That is, in Konqueror loading large directories such as /usr/bin or /usr/lib takes a long time despite being very fast in Dolphin.

I would like to use Dolphin but Places seems broken to me.


Thanks for any help. :)

wildwizard 03-09-2013 12:50 AM

It's not using fstab to get that info, it gets it via udisks.

As for the generic info if you put a filesystem label on each partition/filesystem then it will show that instead.

Woodsman 03-09-2013 12:47 PM


As for the generic info if you put a filesystem label on each partition/filesystem then it will show that instead.
How do I do that?

mlangdn 03-09-2013 01:23 PM

This will tell you how:

I should have added that e2label is present on Slackware.

rnoçmoi 02-11-2014 06:38 AM

OK for local drive listed in /etc/fstab.

But what's about network drive?
I've cifs mounts:

display by Dolphin as "triflswp00 on" etc...

I'm not windows administrator and cannot change uggly server nor share names.

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