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estring 09-04-2003 01:19 AM

kde and gnome trouble after upgrade to slack current
After upgrade to slackware-current my KDE and gnome stopped working. Gnome gives and error that fonts could not be loaded and I beleave that to be a pretty simple fix. My main issue I am seeking help for is that KDE is not able to initiate. On attempts to start the kde window manager I get an error that it was unable to contact kdeinit. Running from command line I found that it gives a more descriptive error of relocation error /opt/kde/lib/libDCOP-*** was not found. Several lines indicates errors with this Library file. I checked the installation and located the file in /opt/kde/lib/libDCOP-**** is there. I have removed all kde packages and reinstalled them, but did not work. If anyone has any idea on a fix for this type of issue with kde please let me know. As for the gnome issue if anyone has a quick fix for the font issue with gnome please let me know.

Slackware 9.0 -upgraded to current
AMD 1700+
768megs ddr
40gig HDA
40gig HDB
TRI-BOOT (WINBLOWS,SUSE8.1pro,SLACK-(Linux of choice):Pengy:

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