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gargamel 04-15-2012 08:47 AM

KDE 4.8.2 in -current: How to migrate Kjots books?
Hi everyone,

after a very painful upgrade to KDE 4.8.2, in particular regarding the migration of KMail to the Akonadi-dependent KMail2, I have to say, that KDE 4.8.2 is a real pleasure to use. Especially the improvements in Konqueror (both for KHTML, which is finally really *stable and robust*, and Webkit, which is really *fast*) and Dolphin are quite noticable.

However, not all is well, unfortunately. I used to use Kjots a lot, and I somehow don't manage to get my books migrated. There's no Import function anymore, and the instructions I found on the net, don't work for me, e. g.: Migrate KDE kjots (Books) to Fedora 16 kjots.

Has anyone here successfully migrated Kjots books from KDE 4.5.5 to KDE 4.8.2 (i. e. from Slackware64 13.37 to -current)? If so, I'd greatly appreciate, if you could share, how you did it.

Thanks in advance, everone


gargamel 04-28-2012 06:42 PM

Ultimately, the link in my post has the right information, but I had to open Akonadi console and the interactive Kjots migrator and activate the resource several times. Quite annoying: For every failed attempt a new resource was created. Only after deleting them immediately after they were created and by activating the only remaining resource I was able to migrate my books.

KDE 4.8.2 is a very powerful, efficient, user-friendly desktop environment, and now very snappy again (finally). But the so-called "migration" is a crust. Automatic conversion consistently fails. Conversion of my email from former KMail to current KMail2 was much harder than migration to another mail program. I was actually considering to switch to another WM/DE, for a while, Enlightenment and Xfce being my favourites. It would have been a lot easier. I really don't understand, why the KDE team makes it so hard for existing users to upgrade. The effort required is much too big.

But in the end I managed to get my files over to the new version, and I am rewarded with the best desktop for Linux ever. It was worth it, but I hope that the KDE team will provide a working solution finally, with an upcoming release. It's hardly acceptable, that a version 4.8.2 suffers from such fundamental problems, that new users are definitely not able to solve.

Anyway, it's SOLVED here.


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