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Yalla-One 08-03-2006 05:04 AM

KDE 3.5.3 -> 3.54 = Fonts look super-ugly

I just upgraded to today's -current (August 3rd) from a 4 day -current in order to get the latest KDE.

Upgrade went well, but my fonts are back to being extremely ugly. My system is still running 100x100 DPI fonts (confirmed by xdpyinfo), but the fonts themselves look like I'm back on a 640x480 screen, not smooth at all.

Anyone else experienced this? And hopefully have a suggestion for a fix?


Yalla-One 08-03-2006 05:31 AM

OK, posted prematurely..

Turns out that the upgrade to the latest KDE turns off KDE's internal anti-aliasing of fonts. Going to the control-panel and disabling, then re-enabling anti-aliasing solves the problem, and KDE now looks just as pretty as before.


redxii 08-03-2006 05:40 AM

As additional info, it may be because Bytecode Interpreter support is not compiled into Pat's freetype package. Without it, non-antialiased fonts look like crap. You can thank Apple for holding the patent, although there isn't anything stopping you from compiling support for it. I do, so I can use Tahoma at 8pts without antialiasing so it doesn't make everyting in the UI look ultra huge.

Yalla-One 08-03-2006 05:50 AM

Good call,

alien has a package for this on

Guess I should re-install that one as well...


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