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subekk0 02-18-2004 10:28 PM

KDE 3.2 blows..
All the others away. (like that catchy line huh?)

I would have to say that I have not been this impressed with a WM since ...... I honestly can't remember.
However, JUK? Juk? wtf. I don't like it. It may be some high-speed integrated thinga-ma-bobber but geez. c'mon. XMMS is plenty. And the fact that I can't "removepkg juk*" pisses me off. Of course once I find a good dummied-down HowTo for it I am sure I will realize all of its' potential.

The speed is definately noticable. I have been amazed at how much faster the whole thing slides around... and Plastik...good God... that just makes looking at my 21" lcd exciting again. Definately like it though. I am sure I will find some wicked bugs sooner or later... in fact I am expecting it... but none yet.

Kovacs 02-18-2004 11:51 PM

Yeah that's one thing I don't like about kde is that it bundles all the software... so you end up with all this stuff you don't want or need.

Actually I wish there was a way to do a separate static compile of kate, that's all I really use from kde.

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