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kak 02-15-2005 09:44 PM

K3B can't verify burned Slack 10.1 ISO's
Ok I downloaded Slack 10.1 (couldn't wait for my order:) ) but......
After burning the iso's (both disks 1 & 2); while trying to verify the burn; K3B gives me an error that it can't read from the disk. I tried booting from Disk 1 which will boot and all the files on both disks appear to be there. And yes I checked the mdsum's(OK). I thought in the past that I had run "verify burn" before on iso's and it worked. Or am I being paranoid?? Should I trust these disks? Hate to have problems in the middle of install.

Burned on K3B 0.11.17
cdrtools 2.01

Update: Downloaded Suse 9.2 mini-install iso and burned it with the same results. And yes it will boot fine.

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