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Tinkster 12-08-2003 08:44 PM

Just happy again ... :)
Hi Guys,

just thought I'd share my experience with you :}

This morning I downloaded and installed the latest
DRI drivers (they compiled and installed fine). But
X refused to start afterwards, muttering about
module ABI minor version smaller (7) than ...

I did some massive search, couldn't find anything
helpful, and in the end decided to give 4.3.99 a
shot ... and what can I say? After a chubby download,
some major compilation and install my notebook is
back up :} in X ...


wolek 12-09-2003 04:47 AM


Well, I had same problem with new drivers and X v4.3 (ABI version etc.).
I installed a new kernel 2.4.23 and used built in DRM - it works perfect :>

I tried to use firegl from ATI but it hangs system randomly, I didn't know what was wrong, I changed conf, but it didn't help (some clue ? i have Radeon 9000).

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