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lancsuk 04-04-2021 07:05 PM

JFYI LightDM as an alternative display manager on Slackware current

I was considering to install lightdm on slackware, unfortunately lightdm isn't available on

Ok, do it yourself, and I have created two build lightdm & lightdm-gtk-greeter.

If you like check it out, but this version isn't suitable for production environments.....not yet.

enorbet 04-05-2021 05:59 AM

Congratz. I'm happy to see alternatives to SDDM show up. SDDM seems to work great IF you choose runelevel4 as default inittab and/or autologin. It's something of a PITA if one prefers booting to runlevel3. For one thing it will not allow auto-switching to F7 terminal from ruinlevel3, requiring manual operation. Sure, that easy to circumvent by setting "minimumVT=1" but the default seems to only serve some. Minor complaint but does demonstrate a lack of concern and support.

Didier Spaier 04-05-2021 06:30 AM

Ali Ahmadi has provided SlackBuilds for lightdm and its greeter since several years, now in his GitHub repository. I ship lightdm, lightm-gtk-greeter and lightm-gtk-greeter-settings packages in Slint, built using his SlackBuilds with some adaptation, so that lightdm be accessible with speech using Orca. I have also include a PAM package in Slint, only because it's needed by lightdm. Ali is also a SlackBuild contributor for some software related (not surprisingly) to Indonesian language.

A also ship gdm-2.20.11 in Slint, fully accessible with braille and speech. As old as be this version, it still builds and run on Slackware64-current, so I intend to continue shipping it in Slint 15.

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