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AstainHellbring 10-21-2004 01:07 PM

Java and Slackware-current
ACK!! I am trying to use java with slackware-current and it no work. I try to run the vm under kde on the default kernel and I get a ghost process added that is called java defunct. Help please!!! I want current but can't get java to work for me. THank you

Chrax 10-21-2004 01:15 PM

Well slackware-current is bleeding-edge. Meaning it very well may be unstable, and so your expectations of slackware-current are unreasonable. If you want everything to work, I suggest 10.0, because it's very stable.

gargamel 10-21-2004 03:44 PM

Watch for the right binary of the Java VM. There are versions compiled with different versions of GCC. If some relevant system libs are compiled with a different GCC version, you might not be able to get Java running.

You might want to try the excellent JVM from

Another problem is lack of memory. Java won't be fun with less than 256 MB (it works with 64 MB or so, and in fact I used j2sdk-1.4.2_05 on an old Pentium Classic with 40MB, but it's very sluggish, then).


Chrax 10-21-2004 08:23 PM

If Java's compiled with gcc, it will have to be at Sun. Java is closed source, so all you can get are binaries.

gargamel 10-23-2004 10:08 AM

Java is closed source, right, but there are licensees who are entitled to use and modify it and to redistribute the result --- as a binary, as you say. Karl Blackdown and his team regularly start with a given version from Sun and add improvements especially for Linux. In fact, Blackdown was the first Java ever for Linux, quite a while before Sun supported our favourite OS.

BTW, there are other vendors and VMs. Eg, IBM and BEA are licensees having the right to produce and distribute or sell their very own Java VMs.

There are also clean-room implementations, that were created without any support from Sun, thus avoiding the need of acquiring a licence. Kaffe is among the most advanced clean-room VMs, to my knowledge. In fact, there are a two or three clean-room implementations that are also open source, but none of these is up the VM from Sun in features. Some of them, however, are much better suited than Sun's big ship for specialised applications like embedded software.

So you are right, the Java is closed source, but there is something like open source Java, and Sun isn't the only vendor, although they do all the specification work, with support from many others in the Java Community Process (JCP).

Coming back to the original subject of the thread: Not sure if Sun or Blackdown or IBM is the right source, but one of them has binaries compiled with more than one glibc version (probably using GCC). It is vital that you get the VM that matches your libraries, otherwise you will experience all kinds of strange effects.


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