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vdogvictor 05-18-2004 11:02 PM

Is XFCE in slack 9.1 corrupt?
I have heard of a few people having the same probelm I am which is when I install XFCE as my windowmanger I get an error about the panel and it needs to be restarted and I click ok and it just doens' tog away. So why doens't XFCE work w/ slack 9.1?

AlanL 05-18-2004 11:42 PM

Xfce needs the package `startup-notification`.
You can find it in the gnome directory.
Anyway this is the usual problem. Hope it helps.

Linux.tar.gz 05-20-2004 09:38 PM

Startup-notification is in the L packages serie.

vdogvictor 05-20-2004 10:36 PM

I found it in the GNOME section...maybe its in both.

vdogvictor 05-27-2004 10:27 PM

Sorry bout the delay...I had a different linux problem I was tending to. Anyways installing that did not work.

r_jensen11 05-27-2004 10:49 PM

have XFCE4 be your default WM/DE, then from runlevel 3 issue startx and tell us what your errors are (post the log file)

vdogvictor 05-27-2004 11:06 PM

there is no log file because x technically starts...but it says the panel needs to be restarted and I click ok and it just keeps saying it over and over.

auditek747 05-28-2004 12:43 AM

I had that problem once in a while and ended up installing a newer version.
The xfce website links to a slackpac for 4.0.5.
If you upgrade you may or may not need libiconv, you'll also need something to generate menus. There is a real easy script to do it but I forget the name. (menumaker?)
There's plenty of help and alot of panel goodies at the site.

r_jensen11 05-28-2004 11:31 AM

Look at what X says you need from the console. It should be something like notification or something like that, right? Look in the Gnome install path for that. Better yet, just install Gnome and the libraries inside its install path and your problem should go away.

Now here's the question:

Are you installing XFCE from a CD or from downloaded packages? If from downloaded packages, try installing from Disk 1. If you want, I can send you the package from my disk 1 in case it's different from yours. What's the MD5 sum for your package you installed from? (Might as well tell both XFce and libnotification)

vdogvictor 05-28-2004 02:38 PM

How can I read the console when I run the command startx and it sort of starts? I installed off the cd's and I have no clue what md5 sums mean and If I had enough room to install all of GNOME i would...but I have very limited space so I just need to know which packages I need.

r_jensen11 05-28-2004 05:06 PM

To check what it says in the console, (assuming you're un runlevel 3), hit ALT+CTRL+F1, or whichever console you launched startx from. Then just use ALT+F7 to get back to X.

codec 05-28-2004 05:34 PM

yes, it's a python script called menumaker.

little_ball 05-30-2004 06:17 PM

XFCE under slack is not corrupted, remember is GTK base and use a lot of gnome libraries and issues. Remember too that slack is a non dependencies check so it doesn't tell you what xfce is missing. If you install xfce 4.0.3 from slack 9.1 CD i suggest that you install startup-notification from slack CD too, and not startup-notification from slack-current or swaret, cause xfce use the same version of startup-notification from gnome, which means for example if you use kdevelop 3.0. you can't run it whit kdelibs 3.1.4 right? you have to download kdelibs 3.2. to run kdevelop 3.0. the same way if you want to run kdevelop 2.5. you can't do it whit kdelibs 3.2. get my point? that happend too whit xfce and startup-notification some people here say i can't run xfce 4.0.3 but i could run xfce 4.0.5 it's probably cause those people are having upgrade gnome or startup-notification whit the same version xfce needs.

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