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jnsg 09-06-2005 10:49 PM

ipw2200 ...this looks complicated
OK, I am a relatively new Linux user. I installed Slackware on my laptop so I'd be able to mess with things when I have free time on campus. One of the things necessary for me to "mess with things" is an internet connection so I can, well, post here :) . I posted about getting my wireless working a while ago here and someone pointed me to . This looks like a lot of trouble. First of all, my Slackware installation (10.1) uses a 2.4 kernel, this driver thing requires 2.6.4+. How easy is it to upgrade kernels? I looked into the sticky about the 2.6.0 kernel, but it all looked a little beyond me at this point.
And, now that I think about it my other questions would be specific to the ipw2200 thing itself, so I'll leave it at that for now. What would be really cool is if someone out there has done this before, but that's a slim chance.

newinlinux 09-06-2005 11:52 PM

If you are not ready to compile your own kernel now, you can use these for a start:

I am not sure if these packages take cares of the LILO portion, to be on the safe side, take a look at the /etc/lilo.conf , make sure that it is pointing to the new your installation of the above). I remembered slackware uses symlinks to handle the /etc/lilo.conf.

Good luck.

jnsg 09-07-2005 06:51 PM

Cool, thanks for those. Now, um, what do I do with them? :rolleyes: do i just need to unpackage it all to the root directory or what?
Thanks for bearing with me...

komuthan 09-09-2005 01:57 AM

I have the same problem with jnsg and Im not ready to compile a kernel or something:)
If you have enough time please tell us how to upgrade kernel with these files side by side

Shade 09-09-2005 03:15 PM

Those are slackware packages. Slackware packages always end in .tgz form, which can be confusing. Oftentimes programs distributed in binary form use the .tgz format as well, but they lack the install script which 'installpkg' uses.

.tgz files are fundamentally the same as .tar.gz, but that format is normally reserved for source code distributions.

To install those files, use the command:

installpkg filename.tgz

Then have a look in /etc/lilo.conf
It's pretty well commented.

Make sure that rather than editing the existing entry, you copy a new one exactly as is, substituting the path to the new kernel in /boot for /boot/vmlinuz that exists.

This way, if the kernel doesn't mesh well with your system, you can at least boot back to the old kernel and figure out what went wrong.

This may help: I outlined exactly how I set up my Vaio S260 for wireless with ipw2200 on my site @


Hal 12-22-2005 10:52 AM

noxious 12-22-2005 11:59 AM

Something to consider while upgrading your kernel - the 2.6.14 kernels and newer have support for the ipw2100 and ipw2200 wireless already added. You don't have to do anything more than download and install the firmware (very easy to do) and turn on the ipw2200 modules in the kernel configuration.

liquidtenmilion 12-22-2005 12:03 PM

make sure that if you are using reiserfs you create an initrd.

follow these directions to make an initrd and to add your kernel to lilo

(just change the 2.6.13 to whatever kernel version you are using.)

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