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Hectic 10-13-2004 07:19 AM

installpkg cmd not found
What?! I thought "installpkg", "removepkg", etc. were built into slackware. Why am I getting command not found when trying to install aterm?


casey@Slacker:~$ dir
Desktop                aterm-0.4.2-i386-1pyk.tgz  windowborder-themes  wallpaper
casey@Slacker:~$ installpkg aterm-0.4.2-i386-1pyk.tgz
bash: installpkg: command not found

Am I doing something wrong?

m0rg 10-13-2004 07:23 AM

try to be root :)

like :
(enter your pass)
installpkg your_package.tgz

I think this is a path problem :)

Hectic 10-13-2004 07:31 AM

Sorry, my fault I wasted a thread.

I've been up for about 36hrs..... I forgot all about "su".

work perfectly.

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