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Acron_0248 12-10-2007 02:49 AM

Installing pidgin-encryption-3.0 in slackware 12.0
Hi all,

Well, you'll see, I'm used to chat with my friends using pidgin, and with several of them I use pidgin-encryption, in several distros I've used, I have no problem at all to install that plugin, but in slackware wasn't the case...

For the record, this is a fresh installation of slackware, I installed accepting all dev packages.

I search with google, here in the forum, other forums, pidgin's page and so on, but after I wasn't able to find something about "slackware + pidgin-encryption" or a slackware package (well, I did find one or two in google's results but the servers went down or the page moved...who knows), I decided to compile the package.

I'm writting here because I didn't find an usefull source, however, I want to share how I did compile the plugin so maybe it can help others like me trying to use the plugin in slackware 12.0. I know that there is pidgin-otr, but my friends use pidgin-encryption so what can I do =/

Of course, I don't think that this will be a master guide or anything, maybe my search keywords wasn't the best or I looked in the wrong places, anyway, here it goes...

First, I downloaded pidgin-encryption's source, after that, I'd read the pidgin's faq about slackware and that's where all began.

To successfully compile the package, besides the usual tools like gcc, gcc dev, glibc, glibc dev, gtk, gtk dev, pkconfig and so on, I needed headers and libraries of nss and nspr, but God doesn't like me...

There was no nss nor nspr package in slackwares repos, well, there is nss-mdns, but I'm new in slackware and I didn't know what package will have the libraries and the headers for this too (nss and nspr).

I tried to compile the plugin by downloading the nss source package and the nspr source package to be used as headers and libraries but with no luck, even when I did use the proper commands during ./configure (see bellow), only the nspr headers where recognized, and even then I saw things like "Checking for Mozilla nspr4 ... no"

Reading the pidgin faq, they point out about this options:


./configure --with-nss-includes=/usr/include/mozilla-1.4/nss \
> --with-nspr-includes=/usr/include/mozilla-1.4/nspr \
> --with-nss-libs=/usr/lib/mozilla-1.4 \
> --with-nspr-libs=/usr/lib/mozilla-1.4

Slackware did install firefox, and as the faq says, firefox have the nss and nspr libraries you need to compile pidgin-encryption, but, what about the headers? there isn't a /usr/include/mozilla-X, at least not in my slackware, nor /usr/include/firefox, firefox just doesn't install any headers (I could be wron in this but in my case, it didn't)

Then I remember! for the type of slackware installation I used, the seamonkey browser was installed at the begining, so, I thought that maybe, following mozilla's philosophy, that browser installed the headers file I needed, and I wasn't wrong about that :P

So, after the long and surely boring explanation, this was the process:

Extract the sources...

tar -xvf pidgin-encryption-3.0.tar.gz && cd pidgin-encryption-3.0
Configure the sources...

./configure --prefix=/usr \
--with-nss-includes=/usr/include/seamonkey/nss \
--with-nspr-includes=/usr/include/seamonkey/nspr \
--with-nss-libs=/usr/lib/firefox \

Make and install

make && make install
'--prefix=/usr' is used beacuse that's where pidgin and its libraries are installed.

As I said, I tried first using the nss and nspr sources as headers in libraries but I didn't have luck at all.

A final note, I'm writting this because, for real, I didn't find any resource usefull about installing the plugin in slackware, so, maybe the steps I did, could help others with the same problems or lack of resources. Maybe there's a better way to get the pluging installed and working, normally, I don't have problem to find resources on the net, but this time wasn't the case so that's why I'd write this.

If you think that it's useless, there's a better way, or I'm just posting in the wrong forum, you can tell me without hesitate :)


dive 12-10-2007 08:02 PM

Just for your info (and anyone seeing this in the future) there are some mozilla-nss packages on Alien Bob's site, and also the slackbuild:

Acron_0248 12-10-2007 08:50 PM

Thkz dive!

Bookmarked ;)


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