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nakedjohn 07-11-2003 02:18 AM

installing alsa sound drivers
i got the drivers, libs, and utils installed, but when i try to modprobe the different modules it says the modules weren't found... a friend told me i needed to recompile my kernel (he's an idiot though), and the INSTALL told me i needed to edit my rc.modules... I can open it up, but i have no idea what to add... i have the src in /usr/src/linux, the packages seemed to install, but, again, while i try to modprobe, i get they can't be found. I'm not really sure what i'm supposed to get, but i'm assuming that isn't it...

nakedjohn 07-11-2003 02:31 AM

hmmm, i was reading some previous posts on here, and tehy said i should have done ./configure --with-kernel=/usr...
when i posted on the newbie forum they told me i needed to download the kernel source because i didn't have it, but i'm thinking maybe i did have it, it was just in a different place... so should i start over? how do i undo the damage i've already done?

Azmeen 07-11-2003 02:37 AM

Tried make uninstall?

nakedjohn 07-11-2003 02:38 AM

now i just feel stupid...

leonardox 07-18-2003 12:43 AM

tar xvfj alsa-driver
./configure --with-cards=chip of your board
make install
cd utils
cp alsasound /usr/local/bib
alsasound start

tar xvfk alsa-lib
make install

tar xvfj alsa-utils
make install


remember when you installed alsa the sound alwas if off

Rodrin 07-18-2003 04:49 PM

You do need to install the kernel source if you have not specifically done so already. It is not included on the Slackware 9 install CD because of space considerations. You can download it from any Slackware mirror under the slackware-9.0/slackware/k directory. The name of the package that you need to install is kernel-source-2.4.20-noarch-5.tgz. You do not need to recompile your kernel, however. It will work fine with the bare.i kernel that Slackware 9 defaults to. If you have the kernel source installed from the Slackware package that I pointed to above, you also do not need to tell alsa's ./configure where to find the kernel source because it will be where the script expects to find it.

jymbo 07-19-2003 01:45 PM

Follow this SlackFAQ.

Note: You can substitute the references to "amixer" with the Slack default rexima by adding:

# rexima vol 90
# rexima pcm 90

Just read the FAQ straight through to the very end. You'll get the idea.

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