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mikolaj 09-18-2004 06:06 AM

Installation from root disks
have kind of old machine: 486dx100 32 mb ram, 520 hdd. I'm trying to install slackware 9.0 via internet, since this computer doesn't have cdrom and even dont want to handle a cd-rom device from my "normal" computer -i don't know excatly why - maybe because of IDE cables, nevermind. I created (usning rawrite) a boot floppy, 2 root floppies - install.1 install.2 and a floppy from image "network.dsk". I booted up, switched, when asked too install.1 floppy and got the following: "invalid compressed format" from VFS. Please help me asap :)

Cedrik 09-18-2004 06:18 AM

There are different versions of rawrite accordingly to your windows version, did you try them all ?

mikolaj 09-25-2004 07:39 AM

yes i tried and didnt work. I connected hard disk from this computer to a new computer and tried to install from bootable slackware cd.. Booting stopped at "checking partition /dev/hda" /dev/hda is of course hard drive... I suppose that my disk is working since there is windows98se installed on it. Is there a way to install slackaware using loadlin or something?

mikolaj 09-25-2004 08:12 AM

sorry for double-posting but i realised that installing a zipslack slackware would be the best idea, but still have a question - i dont really need a worinkg windows, how to free as much disk space as it's possible and have still zipslack booting? would it work with just ms-dos installed?

gnashley 09-27-2004 01:34 AM

Yes, you can put zipslack with DOS and it will boot fine using loadlin.
See my slimmed down Zipslacks :
Go to minimal install index.

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