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XPmandrake 10-04-2002 09:25 AM

Install frozen?? Help please :)
Hi, im currently installing slackware8.1 on my old comp (P200MHz, 32mb ram, 6gb hdd etc) and im doing the full installation.

the install is taking a long time to install KDEbase (ie over 30mins) - is this normal on a slow system?

cheers :)

XPmandrake 10-04-2002 09:29 AM

also im using a 24x cd rom

and slack install didnt detect the cd first time i had to take the cd out and put it back in.

i have a spare 8x cd-rom lying around - should i try this??

thanks in advance

neo77777 10-04-2002 09:32 AM

It seems like to every post I was answering: "Well, ..." so this one is no exception.
Well, you are going to kill that mighty with KDE anyway, so my answer-question is why bother installing KDE? The bottom line: KDE choke this beauty in seconds, your mouse will act as if it were under LSD. Get some real windowmanager installed - *box (it is not spelled as Starbucks, but it sounds the same :D) - hackedbox, fluxbox, blackbox are keywords.

XPmandrake 10-04-2002 09:35 AM

well actually i have fluxbox dled and ready - do i need to install KDE to run programs if im using enlightenment as a default until i install fluxbox?

rofl sif run KDE on this beast :P

thanks for your help neo :)

neo77777 10-04-2002 10:45 AM

nope, actually in the slack source tree from install CD enlightenmnet is in the gnome directory, but it needs neither gnome nor kde - it has support for KDE and gnome apps though if you, aparently, install the pigs, but you can just hack up these particular apps w/o installing the whole thing - I mean KDE or Gnome, but you might be right about something like this - for instance galeon requires gnome libs + more gnome goop installed, so they put as their requirements gnome, so in order for you to install galeon only you must install the whole gnome crap. Konqueror might be the same in regards to KDE, I don't know I don't use it. So if you plan to install KDE just for a sake of couple of KDE apps then I guess you have to be patient while your baby installs all of the KDE poop.

XPmandrake 10-04-2002 10:52 AM

bah i think its my cd rom playing up - i think ill just install thru my 8x and leave it for a couple of hours :P

thanks for the advice mate :)

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