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[GOD]Anck 03-21-2005 08:15 AM

Install additional perl modules?
What would be the best way to install additional perl modules on a Slackware 10.1 box?

Technoslave 03-21-2005 08:18 AM

As root:

perl -MCPAN -e shell
o conf prerequisites_policy ask
install Blah::blah

druuna 03-21-2005 08:22 AM



Here's some extra info:


Andreas Königs' CPAN module ( is designed to automate the make and install of Perl modules and extensions. It includes some searching capabilities and knows a number of methods to fetch the raw data from the Net. Modules are fetched from one or more of the mirrored CPAN sites and unpacked in a dedicated directory. Most Perl installations already have this module pre-installed, but if not, you may want to download and install it first. Additionally, to allow you to perform extended searches for modules, there is another module available: CPAN::WAIT. It's a full-text search engine that indexes all documents available in CPAN authors' directories. CPAN::WAIT uses a special protocol that resembles NNTP. CPAN::WAIT tries to access so-called “wait servers” and can do so using either a direct connection or over an http proxy.

The CPAN module normally is operated from within an interactive shell. That shell will allow additional search commands if the CPAN::WAIT module has been installed.

The initial configuration will be started automatically when the shell is started for the first time. To start the CPAN shell, type:

perl -MCPAN -e shell;

The first time you start up this command, it will create some administrative files in which your preferences are kept. You can either choose to configure manually or let the module guess at the proper values (which often works out fine). Manual configuration will ask questions about the amount of disk space to use, the locations of some external programs the module wants to use, whether or not module dependencies should be resolved automatically, the location of your proxy servers (if any) and possible extra parameters you'd want to specify for make, etc. Also, the module will try several methods (if necessary) of gaining access to a CPAN site and may ask you for your location and your favorite wait server.
Ofcourse the always handy: man cpan :)

And here the url to the official CPAN site: CPAN

Hope this helps.

[GOD]Anck 03-21-2005 08:26 AM

Ah, cpan it is. Thanks! :)

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