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wakeboarder3780 09-23-2006 07:22 PM

In need of quick reminder for duplicating partitions
Naturally I want to gain some space and move my system partition to its own 10 GB hdd, and my home directories to my new 200GB drive. However, Im a bit fuzzy on the specifics.

I believe I have to boot from the slackware cd so that Im not actually using the filesystem I'm trying to copy as it may cause conflicts with files being read-only. Correct?

Also, I dont remember all the options I used last time. I used the cp command last time with -r for recursiveness but I dont remember the other options Im supposed to use as well.

Basically, I need a confident answer as to what options to use with the cp command so that I dont miss any files.

2Gnu 09-23-2006 08:12 PM,3882627

Especially, this post:,3902704

I've done it successfully half a dozen times and it works great. The benefit of using tar is that you preserve your permissions and can copy all of the disk (minus the superfluous or unwanted stuff) in one easy line.

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