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tux66 05-18-2005 06:34 AM

I need an emulator
I need run windows inside slackware 10.1.
What program may use

xushi 05-18-2005 06:37 AM

vmware can do it, but it isn't free..

cathectic 05-18-2005 06:44 AM

If you just want to run the odd application, you might be able to get away with only needing Wine.

tux66 05-18-2005 06:45 AM

I tried use vmware but every time i restart the computer and try run vmware I must re-install vmware because the vmware said don't have load the kernel module vmmon...?

Boby 05-18-2005 06:50 AM

You can try Wine, Cedega[WineX], VMWare.

Try searching the forum for more details about them.


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gbonvehi 05-18-2005 06:51 AM

and Bochs:
are free, but the emulation won't run as fast as in VmWare, and you may have more difficults to emulate such a big system (I've only used QEmu and Bochs on very small OS, btw, bochs is slower, at least two years ago). In VmWare it's really easy to install the emulated system, you've a GUI for it, where on the other free alternatives you don't.
Anyway, on QEmu homepage you've a list of supported system where you can see that Windows can be emulated:
Bochs should be able to handle Windows well also.

If only need to run a Windows app, you could use Wine.

Edit: took a some minutes to post this and some info was already answered on other posts.

tux66 05-18-2005 07:13 AM

No I don't need hhjust run one application, want thee instal the OS. Who knows why the vmware don't create the vmmon module?

AntEater 05-18-2005 08:07 AM


Originally posted by tux66
No I don't need hhjust run one application, want thee instal the OS. Who knows why the vmware don't create the vmmon module?
Slackware uses a BSD init system while the vmware installation scripts assume that you have a SysV init. Here are some directions on how to properly install VMware on a slackware system:

I have about 25 slackware workstations configured with VMware without any problems.

killerbob 05-18-2005 09:15 AM

According to the docs for dosbox, you can use it to emulate a virtual machine without the DOS that's in there by default. There's even instructions for how to create a drive image that you can install to. If all you want is x86/Windows, then it may be what you're looking for, though I don't know how well it performs at speeds enough for Win98 and above.

Or you could dual boot.

dockpunk 05-20-2005 10:40 PM

configure vmware as usual, then next ime you reboot try running
rm /etc/vmware/not_configured
before starting vmware and it should start up fine without asking you to configure it.
i had the same problem for a while then it suddenly just went away

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