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leemoreau 02-10-2004 10:12 PM

I Love Slackware!
Hey everyone, just wanted to say how happy I am with slackware! It was my very first distribution which I tried almost 5 years ago. I was in some IRC room and someone mentioned "Linux" so I became interested. I saw Slackware version 6 or 7 or something in Staples and asked for it for xmas. I remember having so much trouble with it, especially trying to download dependencies on my 14.4 modem! Since then I've tried suse, mandrake, red hat, fedora, debian, and a few others and never been happy. I never wanted to try Slack again because I used to hate configuring programs, since I'm used to windows and liked RPMS. But yesterday I gave it a try and downloaded 9.1. I'll admit if you're a complete beginner then the installer might be a bit confusing, but I had it up and running in under an hour. All my hardware was detected, and X required no configuration what-so-ever. My main caveat with other distributions was package installation. I would always run into dependency problems or so on. However, in slack, every package that I've compiled myself has worked. I love using installpkg, it's so fast and has worked every time. And for programs I've had any sort of problem with I've just used rpm2tgz and they've installed no problem either. I was actually able to get Java working in FireFox in under 15 minutes! I never could get it working under Debian. Anyway I just wanted to write and say I've finally found my distribution of choice. After using slackware I'll never consider another distro again. :)


DrOzz 02-10-2004 10:24 PM

well i am happy you found your medium ;-)
although you probably should of placed it in success stories ...
no big deal though i am sure a mod will move it ...

good luck with everything in the future, and i hope you learn to love it more than you already do ..

stelmed 02-11-2004 10:05 AM

Yeah Slack rocks!!!
BTW, how did you manage to make java working with firefox, I tried it a couple of times with no result ....

leemoreau 02-11-2004 11:04 AM

When I went to and then to the test your java page it would say you need this plug in so I told firefox to install it. But when I'd run it again it would still say I needed it. I downloaded the java installer that sun had and installed it the way they said, so that I'd have java installed on my system. But if you go to to the firefox homepage, under the documentation or faq, theres somewhere that says how do I install java plugin? The documentation tells you how to set a symbolic link to the java library from your firefox plug in directory. Once I did that I started firefox and it worked no problem. Sorry if I'm not detailed enough I'm actually in windows right now, but let me know if you need any more help.

Whitehat 02-11-2004 11:31 AM


If you don't already know......try out "SWARET" at

It's a nice updater for slackware :)

Easy to use.


DrOzz 02-11-2004 01:08 PM


Originally posted by stelmed
Yeah Slack rocks!!!
BTW, how did you manage to make java working with firefox, I tried it a couple of times with no result ....

what was said already is basically all i did to ...
when i installed slack 9.1 on my box, flash and java were already good to go for mozilla ... so when i wanted these features in firebird (same as firefox but different :p) i just symlinked to my plugins directories in firebird ..
ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla-1.4/plugins/JAVA /usr/local/bin/MozillaFirebird/plugins/JAVA
ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla-1.4/plugins/FLASH /usr/local/bin/MozillaFirebird/plugins/FLASH

of course where it says JAVA and FLASH i used the actual filenames, but thats all there is to it ;-)

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