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errno 07-06-2003 03:37 AM

I comment my root acc
I have try something ..and I '#' my root acc in the 'passwd' and 'shadow' ..Before thata I'v create user with root access and level..and now after root is comment..I can't log with the created one too...I have only one normal user on ma Slack9
How can I boot direct in shell without users/like FreeBSD/ to
edit the files (No floppy disk, no CD-ROM) !!!!

Azmeen 07-06-2003 09:25 AM

Although I won't comment on the intelligence of your experiment... Here's a method of fixing it, although I think you already know it...

For a hint, it involves either installing a CD-ROM drive or a floppy drive at the very least.

david_ross 07-06-2003 11:05 AM

You should be able to do it from single user mode.

iSPARKS 07-06-2003 05:29 PM

What is your boot manager?

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