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dissociative 06-10-2008 09:06 PM

I can't find the slackbook in my home made slackware install disks
I made a slackware 12.1 install dvd from a rsync mirror, now I tried to find the slackbook in both the install media and the installed system and I cant find even anything related, I dont know but I'm sure that I saw the slackbook before from an install disk but I cant remember how it was generated, I think that I could have been made from a slackware 12 dvd iso image, not sure. I needed to do a review to the slackbook because I had minor problem with my internet connection and sure that by some casuality the internet connection will be down for some or other reason and I will be unable to access

T3slider 06-10-2008 09:37 PM

Check the Slackware-HOWTO file on the install media. I don't think it's the entire SlackBook, but it deals with most important issues. You should try running the command `netconfig` as root.

[edit]After checking it out, the actual SlackBook is located in the slackbook/ directory of the install disk (CD 1 or the DVD). The reason you're not seeing it is likely because you made an ISO image from a local rsync copy of a mirror, which does NOT contain the slackbook (at least I'm assuming that's what you did based on your post).[/edit]

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