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g4ry 12-22-2012 11:02 PM

huge.s and VirtualBox problems.
I decided to install slackware 14 on my laptop, which trying to boot from the kernel 3.2.29-smp gave me errors about pae support so used the huge.s kernel instead. Well everything seems ok but when I downloaded Virtualbox, I got VirtualBox*.run. After I installed it and tried to install a VM I got this message in dmesg.

Alien Bob 12-23-2012 04:08 PM

The installation of virtualbox compiles a kernel module. However, Slackware kernel header sources have been pre-configured to create modules for the SMP kernel. You installed and are running the non-SMP kernel.
It is easy to reconfigure the kernel sources in /usr/src/linux so that they will create modules for your non-SMP kernel instead. Read and check the directory in which that README is located.

After modifying the kernel sources, you will have to run the virtualbox installation again to produce a working kernel module.


g4ry 12-24-2012 09:31 AM

Thanks AlienBob, I installed the kernel headers from the link you gave me. About patching, I'm a little confused where I should run it. I have been putting the and linux-3.2.29-smp-to-nosmp.diff.gz into /usr/src/linux. I've been answering with 'y' to the questions but then it asks me File to patch: .... sorry I've never even configured a kernel and still quite new. I have read the README file but still unsure.


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