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Old_Fogie 10-26-2010 10:16 PM

HPlip woes on --current ; Sharing printer gets broken if the hplip gui is launched
Hello All,

The hplip-gui sys tray does indeed add my laser printer. Printing works fine. It also adds my networked officejet and my all in one as well :)

However, as you already know, a printer added by the toolbox/tray is not shared via cups.

The printer uri is hp:/usb/hp_LaserJet_1012?serial=YADAYADAYAD

So in the past, to overcome this limitation, I simply added another hp laserjet printer instance using the cups web interface. But this time using a printer uri such as usb://HP/LaserJet%201012.

This has been my work around for years now. However, with the more recent packages in --current, this is broken for me now.

If a user is logged into the pc with the printer attached, and the hp systray is running, the gui literally blocks any print jobs from the lan pc's from really spooling to the printer, even tho cups is logging that the jobs did spool !

What's more, if I close the gui, the printer still doesn't print anything from the lan pc's. Yet the printer will print if I use the hp/... printer on the cups server/pc with any app. So it's clear that the gui is taking full ownership of the physical device.

If I then turn off the printer and turn it on (while having the tray/gui closed), then the lan pc's can print.

Now I could just remove the tray icon, but ... my scanner is yet another HP printer all in one, and to use it I have to have the tray/gui app to do scanning, check ink levels (as it get's used a lot).

Any thoughts on how to maybe share the hp:/usb/hp_LaserJet_1012?serial=YADAYADAYAD uri over the lan with cups, or maybe some other thing I've yet to find with my "google-fu"

Thanks in advance :)


mlangdn 10-26-2010 10:34 PM

I wish I knew the answer because I've been smacked with this as well, although a bit differently. With the HP Toolbox running from the Sys Tray, I can print just fine. Howeverm if I open the HP Toolbox, say to check ink levels, printing stops. Nothing can get it going again. I have to actually remove the printer entirely and run hp-setup again. So now I don't allow the HP Toolbox to run at all unless I need it. No opening this insane biatch while printing either!

Old_Fogie 10-28-2010 10:23 AM

Thanks for the reply mlangdn. I haven't experienced that issue only due to the fact that I don't think I ever opened it up while printing, but don't doubt it none the lesser.

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