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sitrus 11-04-2002 03:35 PM

how trusthworthy is the slackware-currrent?
I'm thinking of making that ISO-image of Slackware-current and installing it to replace slackware 8.1. My question is how trusthworty is it? ... is guarenteed to have bugs and problems or should it be quite good to use?

NSKL 11-04-2002 04:24 PM

Well since Patrick includes only stable programs, and only if its necessary (as to fix a security hole, a bug, etc..) slackware current should be fairly stable. I suggest you wait a bit moe tho, since slackware-current is probably going to become slackware 9.0 in a short while. (Hopefully!)

Mephisto 11-04-2002 04:30 PM

Slackware-current is usable, but I would strongly discourage it for a production server. Slackware-current is meant to help in the finding of bugs/problems prior to release, perforce it is not going to be as stable as a final release.

For a desktop machine that is non-mission critical or a test server I would say go for it, but expect some problems. If you are not willing to work out the kinks then stick with 8.1.


jtshaw 11-04-2002 10:15 PM

I am running slackware-current right now on my desktop and I haven't run into any problems yet. Well, that isn't entirely true, but all my problems are in KDE 3.0.9 (aka 3.1RC1) which isn't even in the normal tree, but was included in the extra's directory.

I also noticed I had to make the softlimit of a few daemons I run a bit bigger because of the new libc.

Eitherway, MOST packages in slackware-current are considered stable by the developers. The big change is of course GCC3.2 and glibc 2.3.1.

sitrus 11-05-2002 09:06 AM

ok I would be good to go soon. So is it possible to just keep the old partitions and let slackware setup program format them or do I need to delete them and make new ones?

Mephisto 11-05-2002 09:19 AM

You can keep your old partitions

neo77777 11-05-2002 10:58 PM

I noticed that some mirrors are not that current if checked against ,so I suggest checking a couple of mirrors, mirror is usually filled up with users and bandwidth is terrible - I was getting dial-up downloads speeds with my DSL. So always double check with main site.

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