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mcapelati 12-22-2005 02:35 PM

HOW to restore LILO after WinXP reinstall ?...
hI f0LkS !!!

Iīm trying to restore LILO (and my Slack 10.1 :Pengy: ) after a reinstall of WinXP.

Before WinXP reinstall, Iīve saved my MBR - using:
#dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/floppy/backup.mbt bs=512 count=1

Ok, I know that there is a copy of my MBR on disk, so, how can I put it back on my HD ???

Iīm trying to do that using Slack CD on boot, but I donīt know how to mount floppy, because on /mnt and /dev, there is no device nor directory to mount floppy disk... :(

And I donīt know how to boot using diskette (and I even donīt know how to put Linux on single disk ! Sorry ... :cry: )

Anybody pleaze help me !

Thanks in advance.

phil.d.g 12-22-2005 03:01 PM

Easiest way is to pop in install-d1 and follow the instructions to boot the slackware system on your hard drive, and then run /sbin/lilo

sweetnsourbkr 12-22-2005 04:29 PM

To prevent this from happening again, once you have Slack running again, I recommend you place lilo on either the superblock of your root Linux partition, or on a floppy that'll boot into your root partition. Also, it's a good idea to install Windows first before Linux to avoid rewriting of the MBR and locking you out of your Linux installation.

jrczz 12-22-2005 04:58 PM

lilo after a windows install
To prevent having to deal with this problem I install linux on a second hard drive. Because linux will mount and allow storage on fat file systems, and even ntfs file systems in some cases, you may use your existing drives for storage. This means that you can use a 20 gig you have laying around for linux. First remove your windows drive. Second strap the linux drive as master and install linux. Third remove the linux drive and strap it as slave. Re-install your windows drive strapped as master. Use your boot menu or "boot first scheme" in bios to select what you would like to boot. This also works on multiple Windows installations on the same machine. The advantage is that when, not if, one of your os's goes south you don't have to suffer through getting both systems to boot.
footnote...the other day I got SLAX the slackware live cd, to boot from a 256 meg lexar USB stick.(trial and error method) If anybody is interested email me and I will at the very least post the file names and structure. If there is no copyright issue I will post a pqi image of the drive..I also have knoppix booting from a 1 gig usb stick and again can post a pqi image, if I can figure out how to post a file here.

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