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hjles 03-03-2003 06:05 AM

How to report a bug?
Hey all:

I am always running slackware-current, and once in a while a spot a bug. How do I "officially" report a bug?

For example, I spotted a bug in php recently (just fixed in the most recent update) where it wasn't linked against the updated openssl. But I didn't know where to email the answer!

There is also a bug in gnome-vfs, becuase it requires you to have cups installed if you want to browse "smb:///" in nautilus. If you rebuild gnome-vfs from source (without cups installed on your system), it works fine.

Where do I report bugs? I know I'm just a newbie, but I would like to help, and I couldn't find anything on the slack website. With slackware 9 around the corner, we should squash as many bugs as possible!

By the way, check out the most recent changelog of slackware-current.


Excalibur 03-03-2003 06:35 AM

Well, if I think I have anything they would be interested in knowing about, I just send an email to

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