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gtludwig 04-03-2013 02:46 PM

how to prevent Slackware64-current with KDE4.10.1 freeze on eclipse (java) usage?
Hi all,

I use Slackware64-current with KDE4.10.1 on my work laptop (i5-2520M CPU and 4GiB RAM) for Java development on eclipse IDE.

I know Java is not lightweight and eclipse itself is quite a powerhog as well. But, there a big difference from occasional slowness to complete halt for a few seconds. Whenever this freeze happens, Java process reported on top spikes up to 90%+.

My environment is configured and operational (jdk is up-to-date, java variables are exported on /etc/profile, etc.) but just painstakingly slow. And it gets annoying - specially when the boss is right next to you and he uses Windows and he jokes 'shouldn't this be faster / smoother?'.

What do I need to show of my system so I can get better help on this issue?

Thanks in advance,

business_kid 04-04-2013 09:55 AM

Check the disk, run badblocks on the swap, and run some memtest86 just to clear things.
I would also post the box specs, as people have a pretty good idea here how things go.
KDE has reduced anything I have run it on to an absolute crawl since 2.x. I shudder to think what 4.10 must be like.

Pick a suitable java test (One that we can download and run as well) and run

time <your app>
Post the results and we can see if it's overload, or a problem.

gtludwig 04-05-2013 06:42 AM

I got it (sort of!) working by changing from KDE to XFCE, which is a much lighter desktop environment.
So far I didn't have any issues regarding my original post.
I'll monitor my system behavior a little longer before attempting another approach.
Thanks for the time you took in reading and offering insights.

business_kid 04-06-2013 03:42 AM

rest of the comments still apply. I've an I3 here on slackware-14.0 & xfce and I'll run your app if you like. I have a few kde programs and they barf occasionally but they're doing the craziest things before they start up - Okular searching my homedir for pdfs :-/

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