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Basel 09-07-2005 02:04 AM

How can I cross compile the kernel?

Could anyone one help me to cross compile kernel 2.6.13 on Slackware 10.1? I am currently building LFS-7.0-cross-lfs-20050905 and I need a crossed compiled kernel to continue.

piete 09-07-2005 04:23 AM

I take it you're still trying to compile an x86_64 system? =)

For cross compilation, try here:

Make sure you read the documentation carefully. It's all there. Hell, it'll even make you a true canadian-cross if you want it to!

For x86 --> x86_64 try here:

I'm 90% sure that's the page that finally got my system running on a 64-bit kernel *and* that had a fully native 64-bit toolchain. I ballsed up somewhere after getting it running, however, which is why I moved on to Slamd64 (see here:, but in theory it'll work.

Typically I read this board at work without my home favourites - so I'm always forgetting the links I've used in the past (that are stored at home).

Don't forget to apply the right patches for the toolchain you're building, and also, be aware that the native toolchain (the versions) you're using to build with will affect what version of new toolchain you can build.

Good luck,

- Piete.

Basel 09-07-2005 04:51 AM

Thanks Piete for your help.

I think I followed the wrong guide for building LFS and I ended up with this problem. I followed the instructions under Version 7.0-cross-lfs-20050902-x86_64-Multilib when I should have followed the instructions under Version 7.0-cross-lfs-20050902-x86 since my build system is x86.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

piete 09-07-2005 05:44 AM

That depends what the goal is.

If you want to go from an x86 host system to an x86_64-LFS system, then 64bit Multilib looks good.

If you just want the experience of LFS, then, yeah, it looks like you're reading the wrong manual =)

Basel 09-07-2005 06:06 AM

Thanks again Piete,

In fact I managed to build LFS 6.1 last week.
As of Version-70, I tought that the x86 is for systems that run a 32bit OS but I was wrong. Do you recommend me to start with a pure 64 bit first or to continue with the multilib system.

piete 09-07-2005 06:23 AM

Again, it depends on the goal. If you've already built LFS, then you probably don't need to build a newer version from scratch (that would be x86 only, assuming your host system was 32-bit, ie: Slackware).

Building a pure 64 system is easier done from a 64-bit host system. So I would advise hacking on with your multilib version to get a system running that can run 64-bit instructions before moving on.

You'll end with a bi-arch system with multilib, which in my opinion is no bad thang!

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