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nass 08-21-2011 05:42 AM

how can i blacklist a module from using a specific pci device
Hello everyone,
I have a pci card that the parport_pc module identifies as a parallel pci card.
I want to prevent the driver from identifying this card, BUT i don't want to blacklist the driver in /etc/modproble.d/ as there is another pci card that is using the specific driver.

reading throught modprobe.d manpage didn't yield any results, think it says I can do it using blacklist command but I'm not sure how.

Thank you for your help!

wigry 08-21-2011 06:47 AM

If you want to use the driver, then you have to load it. There is however a question, why is it a problem, if your driver identifies a piece of hardware, that you are not interested? If you desired hardware workd, then it doesn't matter what hw the driver detects...

nass 08-21-2011 06:58 AM

hello there, lspci -k relevant dump is


06:00.0 Parallel controller: Aladdin Knowledge Systems AladdinCARD
Subsystem: Device 6265:7274
Kernel driver in use: parport_pc
Kernel modules: parport_pc
06:01.0 Communication controller: NetMos Technology PCI 1 port parallel adapter (rev 01)
Subsystem: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic Device 0010
Kernel driver in use: parport_pc
Kernel modules: parport_pc
06:00.0 is a pci card - hardware key that is used as a license in an windows application. I am trying to get rid of the old pc that this card resides in and set up a virtualbox guest with access to this pci card.
I have read that it is possible with virtualbox 4.1.0 onwards ("pci passthrough").
However, virtualbox whine's when i startup the guest vm

Error: failed to start machine. Error message: Cannot assign non-shared host interrupt handler: VERR_RESOURCE_BUSY (VERR_RESOURCE_BUSY)
and I want to try and 'release' the card from the host OS entirely. I'm not sure If that would help though, since I wouldn't be able to match the card's address on the host to one in the guest...

However, is it possible to disable selectively some utilisations of the same module?

wigry 08-21-2011 07:40 AM

If you do not load the parport_pc at all, can VirtualBox access the Aladdin card?

nass 08-21-2011 07:43 AM

I was afraid of that.
well I am going to dump this thread altogether
the real problem is here

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