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aryagonoh 04-17-2013 03:03 PM

help, samba setting
My new residents in linux, and my first linux is slackware.
how to transfer files using samba on my slackware 14?
what should I do first and then to successfully send the file to a slackware too?

SlackmanNKC 04-17-2013 03:38 PM

Assuming that Slackware 14 works pretty much like 13, you will need to make sure the service is started. Check the /etc/rc.d directory. Should be a file there called rc.samba. Make sure that is set to execute. Do a LS rc.samba -l and check if there is an asterisc after the name. If there is, then the service is started upon boot. If not, then you will need to set the file to execute. Do chmod 755 rc.samba
Then start the service with /etc/rc.d/samba start

As for setting up the shares, that info is all handled in the smb.conf file located in the /etc/samba folder. You will need to look at this file to get an idea how the shares are defined. Also will need to set up users and groups in Slackware and then add users in Samba with the smbpasswd - command. The users need to exist in Slackware first.

There are loads of how tos and tutorials on setting up samba from scratch. There are also web interface utils that can help with this task. Webmin is one, and there are Slackware packages out there but they don't ship with Slackware as far as I know. The SWAT utility is available in Slackware as a part of Samba, but you will have to enable it. Edit the file /etc/inetd.conf and uncomment the line near the bottom of the file referencing SWAT. Don't bother doing anything with the other lines referencing Samba since it is starting via the rc.samba script. You will need to either rboot the system after making the change to the swat line or restart inetd (see the first few lines of the inetd.conf file for directions on that).

Hope this helps. Off the top of my head and not at my Slackware machine to double check all this, but it should get you pointed in the right direction. There are a myriad of options you can set in Samba, but you can get a good idea of the basics by looking at the smb.conf file. BTW, make a copy of this before editing it.

aryagonoh 04-17-2013 04:17 PM

thank you.
better. I will try it first. .I will send my next problem after this .. hehe

slackass 04-18-2013 12:13 AM

This has served me well to setup samba.

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