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bynaar 12-18-2002 06:22 AM

hard drive performance
Would like to know how to setup the hard drives for optimal performance, running slackware 8.1 .
I seen some topics on this , but none understandable . .
Therefore it would fun to know how to set the hdparm for my Computer.

I have included the hardware I use.

--------------- my computer ---------------

CPU: Intel P3 800mhz coppermine
Chipset: Intel 815
mobo: Asus cusl2
HD1: IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45GB
HD2: IBM Deskstar 120GXP 80GB


acid_kewpie 12-18-2002 06:32 AM

well there is a thread with EXACTLY the same title as this one, many hundred of posts long all about hdparm. try that, and the manpage for hdparm

crashmeister 12-18-2002 07:21 AM

Go to console,type hdparm,look at options.

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