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BigHead314 12-22-2003 06:31 PM

Hangs up on bootup
I installed everything fine and the installer said reboot, so i did. When it rebooted it said something like Updating ECCD and just stayed there for a looooooong time. So i hard rebooted and it just hangs there after doing all the normal bios crap. I pop in the slackware cd and i can log in to root and then i can do startx... Any ideas why I need my cd in the drive for it to even let me log in?

poison 12-22-2003 06:45 PM

have you installed lilo ?
insert CDROM #1, and when it asks you for parameters (boot: ), enter
bare.i root=/dev/hda1 noinitrd ro
(assuming you installed slackware on /dev/hda1)
then log in as root and run

install lilo in the MBR, (if you have other os'es installed, remember to mention it in the lilo configuration)
and then reboot...

BigHead314 12-22-2003 06:46 PM

i thought i had installed in when i installed slackware, because i remember reading it... will try again...

burnpile 12-22-2003 07:31 PM

If lilo is installed, you more than likely have one of these 3
1 - lilo pointed to wrong partition (easier to do than you think if you've more than one linux partition).
2. Plug and play turned on in the BIOS, and a conflict with the hotplug script.
3. Bad copy of the kernel on your HDD. (either wrong one, or not a perfect copy of the right one, for some reason if you see a cdrom read error at the end of the install while rebooting you 100% positive have a non-perfect copy).

I've installed Slack 7 and up on hundreds of production computers, as well as customized versions on some crazy hardware and IMO those are the most common slack install errors.

BigHead314 12-22-2003 11:51 PM

i did the superblock not the MBR in liloconfig. whoops.

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