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kixx 11-06-2008 04:18 PM

GTK apps are not starting after GTK upgrade
GIMP stopped working after may latest update with slackware-current (this was actually quite a while ago) and I never did anything about it until now. I needed to use GIMP today, and I assumed that the problem was that I needed to update my GTK installation. I used pkgtool to remove the old gtk installation and installed the latest( gtk+2_2.12.9 i486 -1 although it looks like 2.12.12 is now available).

After doing the remove/installpkg I started x back up and now Firefox, GVim, and Gimp are all stuck (all gtk apps).

Mozilla's xulrunner is giving me this error:

xulrunner-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl

Is there any possibility that pkgtool removed a dependency, and if so, is there any way I can find out what it is?


niels.horn 11-06-2008 04:46 PM

pkgtool does not remove (or install) dependencies.
That's the big difference between Slackware and other distros, where you're not in control...

It is never a good idea to install (or remove, for that matter) just some packages from -current.

The -current branch is for testing and for the adventurous (like me).

I have -current and GIMP working fine.
What exactly happened to GIMP that makes you think there is a problem with the GTK libraries?

dugan 11-06-2008 04:51 PM

Were you using 12.1's GTK package up until then?

If you were, just use upgradepkg to reinstall it (upgradepkg also downgrades). It won't solve your problems with Gimp, but everything else will work again.

kixx 11-06-2008 05:06 PM

Also, I use KDE as my desktop environment.

I was looking through slackware current and realized that I did not have the latest version of GIMP, and decided to give it a shot. I used pkgtool to remove my old version before installing the new version with installpkg. After the installation, GIMP simply would not start. I assumed this was because GTK was also out of date, so instead of messing around with it, I tried to revert to my old version of the GIMP with another remove package, installpkg sequence. GIMP still would not start, and since I didn't really need to use it at the time I didn't bother to mess with it any further.

Now I need it, so I decided to go ahead and do an update of GTK. I used pkgtool to remove GTK and then installpkg to install the latest version from slackware-current.

When I started KDE back up, none of my GTK apps will start.

All of these apps are giving me this error when I try to start them:

/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl

Where can I find lib gdk, assuming that is what I need? I could not find it in slackware/l.

(I thought slackware-current was pretty stable - guess I'll stick with the numbered versions from now on)

chess 11-06-2008 05:23 PM

Ok, this is basic Slackware stuff.

It is not recommended to mix and match packages from -current and -stable. The -stable branch (i.e. a numbered release, like 12.1) is, well, stable. Once a -stable release is made, the packages are generally not updated except for security fixes.

OTOH, the -current branch is where active development occurs. The -current branch may work on any given day or it may not work on any given day. You do not "update" -stable packages from -current. Instead, you update -stable packages from the /patches directory of a -stable release. If you wish, you can upgrade (not update, but upgrade) your -stable machine and run -current, but you do so at your own risk of breakage. There many ways to upgrade your entire machine from -stable to -current, and searching this forum will provide you with some help.

Short answer: stick with 12.1 and apply security updates etc from the /patches directory.

kixx 11-06-2008 05:31 PM

OK, thanks all.

Mixing stuff from -current with 12.0 and 12.1 is the root of the whole problem I was having.

It's all fixed now. I took the suggestion of using updatepkg to revert back to the GTK and GIMP packages in 12.0 (my system is current with 12.0 and the associated patches, not 12.1 yet).

It looks like I can avoid doing this again by using updatepkg with 12.0/patches instead of getting the latest and greatest from -current.

thanks again

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