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aihaike 02-13-2011 07:54 PM

GPU on slackware
Dear all,

I planned to install the Slackware 64-bit x86_64 edition, but I'd like to know whether I'll be able to do some GPU programing using CUDA C and/or OpenCL.
I did not find any drivers and so on for regular linux distributions, I mean only rpms ....
I know about the rpm2tgz command, but I'm not quite sure it's going to work in this case.
Anyway, if one of you already do some hight performance computing using GPU, his/her advices are welcome.

SeRi@lDiE 02-13-2011 08:23 PM

The cuda tool kit for Fedora 13 ( in the cuda developers site runs in slackware just fine. Is what I use for my cuda requirements. I use the cuda kit for GPU crunching.

lemmens 02-16-2011 04:52 AM

Actually at the moment I use on my Slackware 64 current and it also
runs flawlessly. I am using CUDA on Slack already for about 3 years and it always worked fine with the ubuntu packages.

So, it doesn't seem to matter that much which toolkit you use.


aihaike 02-20-2011 07:44 AM

Thank you guys for your answers, I'm going to try then.

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