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xushi 12-14-2003 06:25 PM

gpm > keyboard hanging solved
Just to let everyone know, incase anyone has the same problem..

After installing Slack 9.1 and booting, when reaching the login, my keyboard used to hang... it wont respond, not even caps lock, num lock, nothing...

i noticed that it always started after it loaded gpm (program to use mouse in console) while booting.. so i disabled it and everything went fine...

untill i tried KDE (or any other desktop environment).

The solution? my mouse (MS intellipoint connected in usb), was set to imps (MS PS/2 Intellimouse)... which my box didn't like. I didnt notice i had to set my mouse to usb.

so just type

and select the mouse type as 'usb', opposed to imps (MS intellipoint), reboot, and everything works perfectly.


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