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mr.v. 03-08-2007 08:51 PM

glxgears gives errors on newly installed ATI drivers
Hi all...I finally managed to install the 8.34.8 ATI fglrx driver on kernel after much frustration and a patch. So glxinfo gives me direct rendering finally and all would seem well except for this. When I run glxgears it prints a series of lines that all say the following:

FGLTexMgr: open of shared memory object failed (Permission denied)
__FGLTexMgrCreateObject: __FGLTexMgrSHMmalloc failed!!!

and then it runs seemingly okay. What do those errors mean? How and what do I give permission to so that this error doesn't occur?


H_TeXMeX_H 03-08-2007 11:09 PM

I believe that the newer ATI drivers mess up glxgears ... don't use glxgears for that. I've heard ATI has their own version of glxgears that works ok.

simonb1975uk 03-09-2007 05:20 AM

Two things to try.

1) In your fstab file add the following line:
tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0

2) in your xorg.conf
add this at the bottom:

Section "DRI"
Group 0
Mode 0666

Reboot and see what glxgears gives you then.


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