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hyperhead 04-19-2013 05:03 PM

gksu-polkit does not allow arguments with launched executable
I am running Slackware 14 64 Bit.

I am writing a python program to launch and monitor dnscrypt-proxy

I am trying to use gksu-polkit to launch dnscrypt-proxy with arguments

e.g. gksu-polkit /usr/local/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -d -u user -l /var/log/dnscrypt

However whenever I try to use arguments from bash prompt I get the following:

gksu-polkit /usr/local/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -d -u user -l /var/log/dnscrypt

** (gksu-polkit:10372): WARNING **: Unknown option -d

  gksu-polkit [OPTION...] - run programs as root

Help Options:
  -h, --help      Show help options

If I wrap the executable and arguments in double or single quotes the I get the following error:


Failed to run /usr/local/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -d -u username -l /var/log/dnscrypt

Failed to execute child process "/usr/local/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -d -u username -l /var/log/dnscrypt" (No such file or directory)

Has anybody every successfully launched an executable with gksu-polkit and used arguments, as far as I can tell none of the switches that are available with gksu can be used with gksu-polkit.

Alien Bob 04-20-2013 08:03 AM

The program "gksu-polkit" is not part of Slackware. Where did you obtain it? Are you running Slackware or one of its derivatives?


hyperhead 04-20-2013 08:07 PM

Hi, I'm running:


I pulled gksu-polkit down with sbopkg.


I remember something like gksu is not included in the Slackware (maybe I just didn't check?!), I'm going to have to go back and see why I came to be using this. I guess I will find some way of supporting several methods of invoking dnscrypt-proxy as root.


ponce 04-21-2013 12:31 AM

you can try creating a wrapper script with the content

/usr/local/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -d -u user -l /var/log/dnscrypt
and invoke that with gksu-polkit.

or try with ktsuss (but it doesn't use polkit).

but these programs (ktsuss and gksu-polkit) are often used to launch graphical apps that need to run as root under an user session.
if you just need to launch a console application, maybe could be easier to just switch to root (with "su -") and launch it.

hyperhead 04-21-2013 08:56 AM

ktsuss did the trick, thanks.

In terms of using su, dnscrypt-proxy is launched by a Python script which is running as the desktop user and has a GUI with notification icon, so I needed to grab the root password just to launch dnscrypt-proxy / alter /etc/resolv.conf. Dnscrypt-proxy actually does end up running as the desktop user, but needs to be launched initially as root

Thanks for the help

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