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BCarey 01-04-2009 01:17 PM

Getting wireless to work with Broadcom bcm4311 (rev 02)
I had some trouble getting this chip to work, so for anyone else with this issue, this is what I had to do. This is just an overview. If anyone needs more specifics, ie. specific commands, let me know.

Everything I used was obtained from, except for the native windows drivers which I ended up using.

According to the b43 site, this chip should be supported by the b43 driver. So the first thing I did was grab fwcutter and b43 firmware via Installed it, and voila, iwconfig showed my interface. I tried connecting to my home WPA network (using wicd), and it managed to get the encryption key, but it refused to obtain an ip address.

So, I installed ndiswrapper and installed the bcmwl6 driver which came with the windows installation on the laptop. I removed the ohci_hcd and ssb modules and modprobed ndiswrapper. iwconfig showed no wireless interfaces.

I removed the bcmwl6 driver and installed a bcmwl5 driver which I had from another laptop. removed and reinserted ndiswrapper, and my interface showed up. With this, I was able to get my ip address, and all is working fine.

To get it to work automatically on boot, I blacklisted b43, ssb and ohci_hcd. In rc.modules I added ndiswrapper first and ohci_hcd second.

Hope this helps someone.


sparker 01-04-2009 04:08 PM

I was also able to get this card to work with the wl driver they released recently from the broadcom site.

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