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trey85stang 03-22-2004 07:38 AM

gcc3.3 + kernel ???
I ran swaret and updated to current on my system... However i ran into one problem, it upgraded gcc to verision 3.3... the swaret upgrade also "downgraded" my alsa installation to 1.0.2a (I had 1.0.3) I figured no big deal.. ill just re-install alsa 1.0.3 and be good to go.

So I compiled alsa, rebooted and none of the modules would insert they said they were an invalid format.

So... I think I read somewhere that programs that compile against your kernel have to compiled with the same version of gcc that the kernel was compiled with.

My question is... Is that right kernel needs to be compiled with the same gcc version that you use to compile modules???

btw.. I recompiled the kernel with gcc3.3 but had a bit of trouble getting alsa to work.. (i got it working but..) I just want to verify the above question.


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