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edorig 04-08-2013 02:01 PM

Future of Lesstif on Slackware ?
Dear Slackware developers,

Lesstif is presently used in Slackware as a Motif 1.2 replacement.
However, there are some signs that the lesstif library is not maintained anymore. First, is now a blog with weird posts that have nothing to do with Unix or X11R6. It is registered to Ryan Perrone from Edwardsville, PA. Is he a developper ?
Second, going to the sourceforge page for lesstif shows that 16 bugs are open, while no patch has been submitted since November 2009.
Third, the page states that "The current version of LessTif is 0.95.2 as of May 27, 2009." and "We are looking for help. Our copy/paste code in /lib/Xm-2.1/CutPaste.c needs some serious attention as it is likely the cause of a lot of trouble. Unfortunately the original authors of lesstif have moved on and the current maintainers are not up to the task." The page also lists
a few Motif applications that cannot work with Lesstif. The CVS repository on sourceforge does not seem to show any kind of activity since 2009.

Has lesstif been abandoned by its developers ? If that is the case,
since there is still some Motif dependent software (such as ddd) is there a plan to replace it in future releases of Slackware with
the LGPL Motif 2.3.4 released in October 2012 by the Open Group ?

With best regards,

Edmond Orignac

dugan 04-09-2013 01:07 PM

I would recommend emailing this directly to Pat.

qunying 04-10-2013 01:43 PM

I would like to see LGPL motif replace the less capable clone Lesstif officially.

As license is no longer a problem for motif. On my own installation, I have replaced lesstif with motif, with recompiling of xpdf and ddd. Actually xdvi from tetex seems also depends on it, but I removed it and use texlive in stead, no sure if anything else is using it from official packages.

edorig 04-10-2013 04:39 PM

Dear gunying,

I have also replaced Lesstif with the LGPL Motif 2.3.4 on my Slackware 13 system. I was interested in
installing the Common Desktop Environment (CDE), and Lesstif lacked the full Motif 2.0 API necessary for CDE.
To have a functional imake, I have had to recreate a host.def file. Then, I have succeeded in building CDE
against LGPL motif, and as you did, I have recompiled xpdf. I am still using teTeX and I could not recompile
xdvik (for lack of some kpathsea dependencies, independent of Motif) but I could build the simpler xdvi (without kpathsea). I have also compiled other Motif programs such as xmcd 2.6, xmgr, plan, or xmdiary without problem.
The only difficulty is with nedit which seems to depend on peculiar versions of Lesstif and Motif to compile correctly.

However, I don't know whether there is not a program in Slackware that depends crucially on lesstif being the actual
/usr/lib/, that I did not install or never used and that will be broken if LGPL motif replaces lesstif.
Another concern that I have is that I succeeded to build on the 32 bit Intel platform and there are reports of success on 64bit Intel, but I don't know how the build goes on ARM or s390. So I think it is better to ask Slackware developers about the possibility of Lesstif replacement in the future version. My main concern with leaving lesstif
in Slackware is that a security hole or a memory leak could be discovered in the future and could remain unpatched
for a long time due to the lack of developers.

perseus12 04-11-2013 12:36 PM

Good idea!

I would support a move from Lesstiff to Motif. NEdit+Lesstif stopped working (for me) whereas
with Motif it works better then it ever did.

qunying 04-11-2013 12:50 PM

Yes, 5.5 version of nedit is problem. But you could try The debian maintainer did a great job. I use the the debian source and patches, it works great.

perseus12 04-11-2013 03:01 PM


The Nedit source I use is called 'nedit-latest-source-HEAD' which is newer than 5.5 but still quite old.
I'm embarrassed to admit I cant remember where I found it. However it works very well with Motif so I
don't care about updating it right now.

hmmm so Debian maintains Nedit, I'll keep that in mind. Do you build the Debian source (and patches) against
Lesstif or Motif? If the former have you tried with Motif?

qunying 04-11-2013 03:25 PM


I built it with motif, lesstif has been removed from my Slackware installation. You could always get the cvs source from the nedit sourceforge CVS repository. Anyway the Debian patch contains all the latest in the CVS and some more fixes.

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