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agentc0re 12-04-2009 10:35 PM

fresh install of slackware64 and having troubles with my LV for home
BG history:
No errors installing. POST install, mounted OS LV and chroot. inside there i mounted my home and boot LV just fine before creating a initrd and running lilo.

Boot's up just fine besides not mapping my home LV correctly.
my home LV is /dev/root/home -> /dev/mapper/root-home. However during the initrd process it's only creating /dev/root and mapping it incorrectly /dev/root -> /dev/mapper/os-slackware64 which is already /dev/os/slackware64 -> /dev/mapper/os-slackware64.

Deleting /dev/root and running vgscan --mknodes creates the right mapping. I've also deleted the init tree and initrd.gz file and recreated them and reran lilo with still no luck in fixing the issue.

Anyone have any suggestions?

GazL 12-05-2009 05:22 AM

Rename your volume group. You've got a name collision going on.

/dev/root is normally a symlink to the partition holding your / filesystem.

LVM uses /dev/<vgname>/<lvname> so if you make the mistake of naming your volumegroup 'root' or anything else that matches any other existing device in /dev then you're going to run into problems.

I suggest you pick a standard prefix or suffix to give all your volume groups and lv names

...etc is the scheme I use.

I use 'rootvg' and not 'vgroot' because I'm used to seeing it this way around on AIX, though keeping it consistent by just using a prefix rather than prefix/suffix (so vgroot/lvroot) probably makes more sense if you're not already used to seeing it a certain way.

Don't forget to alter your fstab, lilo and initrd if you rename your vg/lvs.

Still, at least you had the sense to name them rather than to leave it as volgroup00/logvol00 like many people do! Which drives me nuts!! ;)

Hope that helps.

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