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TheShemeta 11-26-2003 03:53 AM

Free up disk space
hi folks,

i was just wondering how can i free up disk space. i am running Slack 9.1 with GNOME only & i only installed OpenOffice & MPlayer & gDesklets. and all that is using me 3.3 GB. i think there is something wrong with it. so is there a tool to free up disk space or what can i do?

any help would be appreciated. thanks a lot.

subekk0 11-26-2003 08:56 AM

The best tool for freeing up disk space is "removepkg"

Tinkster 11-26-2003 03:54 PM

Go to

and search for xdiskuage ... it's pretty flexible
and most people will preceive it as "friendlier"
than a simple
du -m /


Misel 11-26-2003 04:17 PM

As subekk0 indirectly suggested: Get rid of unneeded packages. If you use Gnome you can remove KDE and every other Window Manager for example.

TheShemeta 11-26-2003 05:42 PM

well i only have GNOME, so i don't know what other packages to remove. i am afraid i need most of them. maybe the problem is somewhere else!

Tinkster 11-26-2003 05:50 PM

Which is where df, du or xdiskusage come into
the picture ;)


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