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Swift&Smart 03-09-2008 03:23 AM

Flash Player & Webcam

I am playing around with Flash Media Server+Webcam at home.However,I got some hiccup with my webcam and the flash player.

It goes like this.I have made a video conferencing application on the Flash Media Server and accessing via a webpage which contains the flash application.I have chosen the right webcam in the setting option.However,it doesn't work and give me black screen!I doubt that whether the webcam was working so I tried Skype.The camera works great,though.As a result,I think the Flash Player is the culprit.

Do you guys have any opinion on this matter?Please feel free to drop me a line.

P.S. My webcam is a Philips SPC 1000NC,using UVCVideo module.

Swift&Smart 03-09-2008 01:42 PM

Got ya!:mad:

Flash Player 9.0 (The newest version) only supports those webcam using v4l version 1(Video4Linux).However,as I read docs on the website,most of the latest webcam and kernel are using v4l version 2.How can I use it anyway?How comes Adobe makes such ridiculous decision of not supporting v4l version 2?Here's the thing:

If you guys can figure it out,do tell.

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