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Hedon 11-08-2005 11:14 AM

First time with Slack.
Hy there.

I've just installed Slackware 10, or at least that's what I think. As I have never interacted with it, I'll have tons of questions, but for now I must start with my first troubleshooting.

I know every Liunx has an /etc/init.d. I know it mind sound foolish, but I coudln't find it. Does it exist? Doesn't it?

Nobber 11-08-2005 11:24 AM

Re: First time with Slack.

Originally posted by Hedon
I know every Liunx has an /etc/init.d.
Slackware doesn't! ;)

Slackware uses a simpler init system spread over a few files in /etc/rc.d instead.

Hedon 11-08-2005 11:36 AM

Can u explain it a little more to me pls?

I discovered that already, but it still blury to me.

Nobber 11-08-2005 11:45 AM

You might find this interesting.

raska 11-08-2005 01:41 PM

Welcome aboard Hedon, do you like to read? a nice source of info to start with is the Slackbook


Hedon 11-08-2005 05:23 PM

10x a lot!

If I have anymore questions, I'll ask.

Hedon 11-11-2005 11:17 AM

I have one more question now... Dummy me :">

I have installed Slack 10.2 (First I had Slack 10.0). I've created a user only for me, but when I try to login with the graphic manager (KDE) it says something about /etc/shells and it doesn't let me. Don't realy understand what it wants. Can u help me pls?

raska 11-11-2005 11:33 AM

a little more information shall be appreciated :rolleyes:

what does KDE say?

just in case, my /etc/shells file looks like this:


$ cat /etc/shells

or maybe you gave to your user an unknown shell, or you didn't at all ... more info please

Hedon 11-11-2005 11:47 AM

The message is [i]Your login shell is not listed in /etc/shells".

Since I've caught you willing 2 help... can u tell me how do I setup my xorg.conf to start with a certain resolution for may Display? It starts by default with 1400x1050, and it doesn't have such power for this... (I need it on 1152x864.)

Nobber 11-11-2005 11:55 AM

1. Use chsh to change your login shell to /bin/bash.

2. Post the "Screen" section of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and we might be able to see what's wrong.

Hedon 11-11-2005 12:47 PM

I've set the xorg.conf. It works. Thanks anyway.

I have another question though, for I'm so young with Slack. (Till now it looks great :D). How do you install packages? Can u tell me a package manager?

egag 11-11-2005 12:56 PM

type " pkgtools " on the commandline...( as root )

and there are the commands " installpkg " " removepkg " upgradepkg " and a few others.
( these are all meant for Slackware packages )

you can also compile software from source if you can't find a Slack-pack


Hedon 11-29-2005 05:51 PM

How do I install rmps within Slack?

Otherwise, how can I install OpenOffice2?

Jeebizz 11-29-2005 05:56 PM

Slackware doesn't really utilize RPMs, but does have tools to convert them, such as rpm2tgz and alien... I never came across any rpms, because I always got slackware packages, or compiled from source, try getting the source instead of the rpm, places to look are, and

gbonvehi 11-29-2005 05:57 PM

Some people here used rpm2tgz and said it worked right, I just got a package from
I personally don't understand why people decided not to provide a simple binary installer as they did for 1.X.

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