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Alan Lakin 09-14-2005 06:45 AM

Fine tuning after upgrade?
Since installing 10.1 on my new computer several months ago I have been doing regular updates to current using swaret. So far so good - had no major problems. However, part of the process is to check all of those .new files that turn up in /etc/ from time to time. A little while ago /etc/ appeared, and after running diff the only change was the addition of a scanner group. Now, I had already created one of my own previously. When I tried removing the group I had created and inserting the new version of the file the scanner group did not work. I have since recerted back to my original file.

The above is a small example of a simple change that does not fit in with my existing set-up and I am not sure how to approach these underlying changes that over time will no doubt give me problems if I do not switch my setting across to the current way. Is there a simple rule or method I can apply in these situations or is it a matter of dealing with each one as it arrives and improving my knowledge and understanding of how the system works?


masonm 09-14-2005 07:50 AM

It's pretty much a matter of examining the config files and judging what the changes may affect. I am very cautious about changing any config file once my system is working properly.

Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

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