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banelion 06-27-2002 05:46 AM

final touches of game server
running slackware 8.1 and it r0x0rz

im running a Half-Life Dedicated server, and i need to do the final touches.

i have not changed slacky at all, same as it comes installed,

what should i do to make it even better?

thanks for any help at all,


RefriedBean 06-27-2002 05:50 AM

Start by building your own kernel,
software runs faster on the machine that it was compiled on.

Slackware Rocks!


banelion 06-27-2002 07:20 AM

what do you mean by 'building my own kernel'?

how do you do this? do you need programming knowledge? coz i tried to learn some languages, but the best i can manage is logo and html :(


Aussie 06-27-2002 08:48 AM

Have a read of the Kernel-HOWTO.

NSKL 06-27-2002 09:45 AM

Also i suggest you close down all services you dont need, this way the machine will run faster, and will be more secure.
Look through startup scripts (/etc/rc.d/rc.*) and comment out all services you dont need.
Hope that helps!

banelion 06-27-2002 10:01 AM

thx alot for that info, i dont think i will compile my own kernel just yet, ill learn to make my way around first :)

but i will be commenting out stuff i dont need.

Aussie 06-27-2002 10:44 AM

To navigate around in the console and look at stuff try midnight commander, "mc".

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